Peer review

Peer Review Process
• Peer review is the process by which an author’s peers, recognized researchers in the field, read and evaluate a paper (article) submitted for publication and recommend whether the paper should be published, revised, or rejected.
• Peer review is a widely accepted indicator of quality scholarship in a discipline or field.
Articles accepted for publication through a peer-review process meet the discipline’s expected standards of expertise.

All applications are reviewed by the members of the editorial council. The documents that fit the topic of the magazine are assessed by two independent scientific referents who accepted to review the documents and who send their review to the Editor in Chief. The identity of the assessors is not disclosed to the authors.
The reviewers give the Editor in Chief the review form, including comments on the scientific content of the work and the possibility to publish it. The Editor in Chief summarizes the assessors’ observations and communicates them to the author.
Considering the opinions of all reviewers, the Editor in Chief decides whether to accept, review or reject the paper. According to the reviewers’ recommendations, the manuscript can be accepted, sent back to the author for minor revisions or rejected.