International Recognition for the Journal of Clinical Sexology

 JCS adheres to and respects the transparency principles for academic publications, which is also reflected in international recognition, JCS being cited in the Web of Science platform ( and Scopus.

  In the software “Publish or Perish” – JCS appears with 47 Google Scholar indexed papers, of which 15      articles, 31%, are cited, .

JCS also received ROAD indexing (Directory of Open Access scholarly Resources)

We are extremely grateful to our members of the Editorial Board and to the team of Peer-Reviewers, who during 2018-2022 carried out their scientific activity within the Romanian Society of Clinical Sexology and Human Procreation, implicitly to the Journal of Clinical Sexology: L. Dănăilă MD,PhD; M. Beuran MD, PhD; A. Petroianu MD, PhD; B. Marinescu MD, PhD; G. Constantinescu MD,PhD; S. Constantinoiu MD,PhD; C. Dadak MD, PhD; C. Poiană MD, PhD; M. Cojocaru MD, PhD; D.Nițescu MD,PhD; F.Dinu MD, PhD; F. Băcanu MD,PhD; V. Velter PhD.

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