Sexual dysfunction with complex etiopathogenesis centered on vulvar cancer – DOI: 10.37072/JCS.2022.03.04

Vasile NIȚESCU*1, Bogdan MARINESCU2, Ioan NEDELCU3, Mircea BEURAN4, Valentin NIȚESCU5, Florin BĂCANU6

1.Medical Center for Obstetrics-Gynecology and Sexology,

2. Clinical Hospital for Obstetrics-Gyne- cology ”Professor Doctor Panait Sîrbu”, Calea Giulești, Bucharest, Romania;

3. General Dermatology Medical Center, Dermatological Surgery,

4. Department of Surgery of the ”Floreasca” Emergency University Hospital,

5.”Pitié-Salpêtrière” University Hospital, General, Visceral

Normal sexual activity is conditioned by the morphophysiology of the integrity of the genital organs and of the human brain, respectively by the absence of associated pathology.
In the reported case, the 57-year-old female patient presented for a gynecological consultation, having very intense vulvar itching.
Previously, the patient addressed the dermatology department, where she was diagnosed with ”vulvitis with significant edema and erythema” for which she underwent local treatment for 4 weeks. After dermatological therapy, the itching improved slightly, but persisted in association with the local stinging sensation.
The vulvar itching became very intense, and the patient solicited a gynecological reexamination.
It has to be noted that the patient believed, at that time, that the itching was due to psoriasis, a disease she had been suffering from since she was 10 years old.The emergency investigations establi- shed the existence of vulvar cancer, due to bilateral vulvar tumor.
It should also be mentioned that the patient was undergoing therapy for the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, for that of chronic peripheral venous insufficiency, respectively for manifest menopa- usal disorders.
In this context, sexual intercourse has completely disappeared, due to complex sexual dysfuncti- on, so that the libido, the erection, the copulation and the orgasm no longer existed.

Intense vulvar pruritus, vulvar squamous cell carcinoma, biopsy, complex sexual dysfunction

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