Effect of exotic plants from the brazilian amazon on sexual activity – DOI: 10.37072/JCS.2022.02.02

Andy PETROIANU* MD, PhD, Professor of Surgery – Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Sexual activity is a natural physiological occurrence that depends on desire and orga- nic capacity.
Sexual desire begins in childhood and is maintained for the rest of life, unless there is some emotional disorder or accidental and surgical trauma, such as splenectomy, which interferes with libido.
The physical capacity depends on adequate blood flow and neuronal integrity in the pelvic region, associated with an endocrine balance.
Most people of both sexes are able to sexual practice from early puberty to old age that can exceed 80 years, as long as they have a healthy life, with correct diet, daily physical activity and do not have addictions. [1-4]

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