Rectal dysplasia in women after HPV infection by penile vector – DOI: 10.37072/JCS.2022.01.02

Univ.Prof. Gabriel CONSTANTINESCU1 ; Assoc. Univ. Prof. Vasile NIȚESCU2*

  1. Bucharest Emergency Clinical Hospital “SCUB”, Head of the Clinical Department of Gastroenterology
  2. Obstetrics-Gynecology and Sexology Medical Center

In this clinical case, we present the determination of a rectal infection with HPV, after repeated peno-rectal sexual intercourse, for several years, in a 53-year-old woman.
Specialist examinations established the existence of a dysplasia of the rectal mucosa, due to HPV infection, genotypes 16 and 51, both viral strains with high-risk oncogenic potential.
It has to be mentioned that both these genotypes have a significant prognostic value, because a third of the precancerous mucosal lesions are associated with these viral variants, proven to be responsible for the increased level of tissular viral load.
HPV, multiple infection (genotype 16 and 51), colonocyte genome

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