Masturbation – between normality and pathology (from puberty to adulthood) – Part II

Vasile NIȚESCU *1

1.Medical Centre for Obstetrics-Gynaecology and Sexology;

Performing manual stimulation maneuvers on the genitals by an individual, regardless of sex, in order to obtain a sexual erotic state, often completed by ejaculation and orgasm, constitutes the act of masturbation.
During puberty, masturbation is not a pathological, perverse act. At puberty, neurohor- monal transformations occur, that are essential for somatic and mental development; this stage continues the biological evolution to adulthood, according to genetic programming. The instinct of “species conservation” exists in both unicellular organisms and humans, in which procreation perpetuates the human species.
biological evolution, procreation, erectile-erogenous structures, B-estradiol, cellulars receptors

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