Neurocerebral pathology determined by the process of biological involution in the sexual decline of the elderly – Points of view

1Vasile NIȚESCU 1.Medical Centre for Obstetrics-Gynaecology and Sexology;

The biological process of involution modifies, first of all, the morphophysiology of cellular receptors, decreasing the intensity and quality of external stimuli perception, which, in this context, reduce their effectiveness both locally and in terms of integration
and processing of information in the brain.
As a result, the state of erotic tension is triggered with difficulty, with negative reper- cussions on the sexual behavior of the elderly.
Cellular changes are the result of cell degeneration and destruction due to the apopto- sis phenomenon, according to genetic programming for each tissue, from skin receptors to brain structures, this deteriorating process causing comorbidities.
In humans, the number of specialized sensory receptors located in the cephalic extre- mity and in the pubic region and genitals normally have a higher cerebral representation than other somatic areas. In fact, there are a multitude of erogenous zones all over the
nuclear receptors, hypogonadism, nervous impulse, protein macromolecules, stere- ospecificity, intracytoplasmatic

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