Manifestations associated with sexual dysfunctions caused by recto-sigmoidectomy – Points of view

1Valentin NIȚESCU MD,
3 Alexandru RUNCANU MD,PhD.
1. Surgery Clinic – “ Louis Pasteur ” Hospital, Colmar, France
2.Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
3. Surgery Clinic-Emergency Clinical Hospital Bucharest “Floreasca”, Romania

The clinical evaluation of patients with sexual dysfunctions caused by radical recto-sigmoid surgery, including due to oncological pathology, highlighted the existence of associated manifesta- tions, postoperatively evident, in 70-80% of operated patients.
In addition to the injuries directly caused by the surgery, the operated patients also complained of manifestations associated with sexual dysfunctions such as a decrease in the quantity and the quality of spermatic fluid, as well as male sterility.
sexual dysfunctions, recto-sigmoid pathology, associated manifestations.

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