Anti-aging therapy in sexual dysfunctions DOI:10.37072/JCS.2020.04.03

The consequences of the biological process of involution and of the pathology associated with it, according to our genetic structure, can be ameliorated in the elderly by a complex behavior in which the favorable maintenance of sexual intercourse has an important role.
Sexual intercourse activates the process of neurogenesis, in which the stem cells of neurons differentiate into oligodendrocytes, respectively in the protoplasmic astrocytes of the cerebral gray matter that supply energy to neurons, by regulating the synaptogenesis.
Both male and female sexuality generate satisfaction (regardless of the reproductive cycle) and depend on three interconnected factors: organic, mental and social, which interfere with the emotional one.
Improper sexual activity is the consequence of sexual dysfunction and is characterized by an inadequate response to sexual stimuli.
We must not forget the medical conditions that appear with age, both these diseases and their treatment having an impact on sexuality.
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