Correspondence – Points of view: Bogdan MARINESCU DOI:10.37072/JCS.2020.02.05

Regarding the article: “Recessive mutations and sperm banks of geniuses ”
1Vasile NIȚESCU, 2Doina RAMBA N, 3 Valentin NIȚESCU
Bogdan MARINESCU *Department of Infertility, Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology “Prof. Dr. Panait Sârbu”, (Giuleşti Maternity Hospital)
The point of view of Professor Doctor Bogdan Marinescu, the first obstetrician who managed the in vitro fertilization of a 67-year-old woman, after applying hormonal treatment in order to remove menopause; nowadays, the little girl’s age, born due to fertilization procedure, is 15 years, her mother is 82 years old, both being in perfect health status.
“The subject proposed by Academician Professor Doctor Andy Petroianu from Brazil is fascinating, but in my opinion, the matter has to be approached by several personalities from outside the medical sphere such as sociologists, psychologists, church representatives, etc.
The scientific and medical evolution regarding the professional field of Assisted Human Reproduction creates the theoretical possibility to eliminate the genetic imperfections of mankind.

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