Testicular temperature and quality absorbent materials: Cotton versus Polyester DOI:10.37072/JCS.2020.01.05


1“AIS ” Clinics & Hospital, 2Medical Centre for Obstetrics-Gynaecology and Sexology

Aims & objectives
to analyze the possibility of a deleterious effect of the dampers/pampers on the testis development in babies.
The testicles are placed in the scrotum of all warm-blooded animals. This allows the local temperature to be lower than the central one. The temperature difference ensures the morphological and functional development of the testicles as well as spermatogenesis. Instead of the classic cotton diapers, disposable polyester-based absorbents have recently been introduced (pampers, dampers). In the latter case, the local temperature is higher than that of cotton diapers.
The negative effect of polyester absorbents on testicular development has been demonstrated experimentally on a number of animals (dogs, rats, mice). In six children aged 8-12 months, who alternately wore polyester or cotton absorbents, it was found that the difference in temperature of scrotum versus rectum was lower by 0.5 degrees C in the case of those based on polyesters. In addition, some children developed local skin lesions that disappeared after switching to cotton diapers.
Keywords :
testis temperature, diapers, testis development

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