Sexuality and the sun DOI:10.37072/JCS.2020.01.04

1* Valentin NIȚESCU ,2** Andy PETROIANU,
1.Department of Surgery, Clinical Hospital “Dr.I. Cantacuzino”, Bucharest, Romania
2 ** Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
It is known that endogenous and exogenous factors influence sexual intercourse, so exogenous factors, such as the sun, play an important role in the interpersonal relationship.
Sunlight has a direct action not only on the skin of the human body, but also on the neuroendocrine system, by receiving solar waves by the retina a derivation of the brain and the most perfective telereceptor.
Under the influence of sunlight, the pituitary gland and epiphysis activate by the neuroendocrine system the sexual motivation, increases the libido and biological potential of the entire body.
sunlight, pituitary gland, epiphysis, neuroendocrine system, sexual motivation, libido

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