Journal of Clinical Sexology – Vol.2, Joint Number No.3 & 4: July – December 2019


Letter of gratitude to the MINEIRA Academy of Medicine from Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Invitation to the 6th Congress of Interdisciplinary Sexual Medicine organized by the AKH University of Medicine / Vienna

Address of collaboration to the Austrian Association for the Promotion of Medicine and Sexual Health

Original Articles

Types of sexual dysfunctions following rectal pathology surgery – Part 1

”Physiological” lumbar hyperlordosis in female in the evolution of the human species and male sexual preferences

Sexual dysfunction and hepatitis C virus infection

Types of sexual dysfunctions following rectal pathology surgery- Part 2

Special Articles

Vaginal Area of Hypererotism (H Area) in the context of the bioexcitability of vulvar erectile tissue

Correspondence: Readers notes and comments

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