Types of rectal surgery and related sexual dysfunctions DOI:10.37072/JCS.2019.02.01

  • Vasile NIȚESCU, ** Valentin NIŢESCU
  • Medical Centre of Obstetrics-Gynecology and Sexology
    **Department of Surgery, “Clinical Hospital Dr.I. Cantacuzino”, Bucharest, Romania

The rectal pathology surgery can cause morphofunctional disorders of the genitourinary organs, at both genders, subsequent to the intra-op lesions, these manifesting as sexual dysfunctions, a fact that was often notified by the patients, after the surgery.
Therefore, I consider it useful to study in detail the etiopathology of sexual dysfunctions, first of all, caused by the vascular-nervous lesions that occurred in the wound, which, theoretically, get out of the control of the brain, of the medullary reflex arc and of the local receptors.
The lesions caused by the surgical procedure depend on the gravity of the rectal pathology, on the septic time, on the emergency of the procedure, on the professionalism of the surgeon, on the anatomical variant of the pelvic topography and on the type of surgery.
Sexual dysfunctions caused by the sectioning of the nervous and vascular branches remain, in principle, permanent, being more serious at man, considering that copulation cannot be achieved without an erection, except for pathological cases when, for example, ejaculation can occur without an erection, in form of emission. If sexual dysfunctions become permanent because of the sectioning of the neurovascular elements, the question is whether these improve in time, in accordance with the information presented by the patients. In this case, theoretically, the brain stem can no longer perceive the sensations of the terminal local sensory receptors, Alpha-1 type, partly on the mucosa of the gland or vulva, which is under
vegetative control, causing thus erectile dysfunction.
The reasons for the patients’ coming to the sexologist, after the surgery of the rectal pathology, were caused not only by the occurring of certain types of sexual dysfunctions but also by the inefficiency of the pharmacological preparations for sexual stimulation.
rectal pathology, sexual dysfunctions, specific lesions, exeresis of the rectum

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