Regarding the Scientific Communication Session of the Romanian Society of Clinical Sexology and Human Procreation – on June the 9th, 2018

An event of particular scientific significance has taken place on June the 9th, 2018 at the Romanian Academy: an occasion where the newest Sexology papers have been presented, and also where the first Sexology treaty in English was published and brought into the attention of the public – the “Treaty of Clinical Sexology”.

  Before the papers being presented, relevant speeches had been delivered by a great number of Academicians (Leon Dănăilă, Bogdan Marinescu, Mircea Beuran), and Professors (Gl.Constantin Dulcan, Tudorel Butoi, Vasile Nițescu). In the opening of the working session, the President of the Romanian Society of Clinical Sexology ans Human Procreation (Assoc.Prof.Vasile Nițescu) marked the presence of over 200 participants from all over the country, and thanked Acad.Leon Dănăilă and the commitee in charge of the organization for the support given for the scientific event. Credits were also given to Acad.Mircea Beuran, Acad.Bogdan Marinescu, Dr.Doina Ramba, Dr.Valentin Nițescu (in charge with the Department of Research of the RSCSHP), and to Ms.Violeta Niculae-Porumbescu (Secretary of the RSCSHP).

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